Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Super XX man at Someday Lounge

Sorry kids,
I know that its been too long since I'v written but I promise more posts will be coming soon. In the mean time check out the picks from Super XX Man at Someday lounge on our flickr account

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Welcome home to the Grown Children

Dear Jared and Grown Children,
How I missed you so. Yeah there are other bands out there that are just as good, but none of them capture the essence of me like you can. I am so happy for all of you and the many adventures you have had on your travels. I can't wait to hear what I am sure are many great stories of all the shinanigans you were apart of in all those other states. I have to admit I'm a little jealous I was unable to be apart of them. I hope my friend on the east coast welcomed you well and that CMJ was an event to remember. I also heard that some kids in Santa Barbara invited you to their sustainable green living boarding school where they sung along with every song you played. That is so rad. Even though I know that all the shows you've done throughout the last month will yield many wonderful fruits I have to admit I welled with pride as I watched my Grown Children make their way back up the 5 FWY, you were my kids and you were coming home. Thanks for playing a show your first night back, because I'm sure you were really tired. It was radtacular and I'm so impressd with how polished you sound ... you're sound has become more and more cohesive. So I guess I'll wrap this up, but I look forward to hanging out really soon.

Your Pal,

P.S. Here are some photos from the show at Ron Toms and there are more on Flickr.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Going A.P.E.

Oh my sweet Jesus... we had a crazy weekend. Me and fellow Bro Mountain alum Dave Nuss spent last weekend in rainy San Francisco at the ALternative Press Expo or A.P.E. We met a lot of cool people and we're super bummed that we missed talking with Jeffery Brown. We did however get to hang with our good buddy Rusty Jordan. Special thanks to Caitlyn's friend Jesse for hooking us up with a place to stay. You can check out many of the picks we took on our travels at the Flickr website.

Giant Robot is rad and it was cool that we were able to make a stop and have a look around.

Two Happy Customers!!

This guy was a Jack Chick Historian and way too into the series.... He even had a map of Chicks travels

To A.P.E!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Jared and Brianne Featured in Tuesdays Oregonian

Hi kids,
Jared and Bri, owners and operators of Tender Loving Empire and TLE home for wayward Hipsters, was approached about their position on the future of the arts and more importantly TLE in light of our current economic crisis. I got to say I was quite proud of the interview our fearless leaders gave. You can check out the article Here

Monday, October 6, 2008

Nice to Mees You

I know, I know the title is a terrible attempt at humor but what I was going for was something along the lines of Portland Mercury's "Mees so Happy" headline in last weeks issue. They were a staff pick for this weekend, and I think with good reason. Jared writes hooks...and good ones at that. None of this cookie cutter, formulated, we can sell this to tweens, kind of pop. This is the kind of music that gets stuck in your head and not in the way that makes you ashamed that you know every lyric until your falling over yourself drunk at a Karaoke bar. Rather its the kind that you remember while going through your day, the little tune that you hum to yourself while completing your mundane tasks at work and keeps a smile on your face while quenching any thoughts about "Burning this Mother to the Ground!" Jared writes in a manner that makes the ordinary seem extraordinary which in turn makes us "regular folk" bask in the glow of shooting skeet with a bottle of wild turkey, or throwing back a couple after work, or sharing a bottle of Sangria with friends. Basically doing a lot of drinking.
The Grown Children are not shabby in the least bit. The ever changing group of misfits and rabble-rousers are a cast of players well suited for their various roles. Most notable is longest running Grown Child Megan Spears. Her sultry voice and notable eye for style brings a much needed sound and sex appeal that would otherwise be dominated by the "Dude" factor that runs throughout the rest of the band. She definitely knows how to capture the crowd with her captivating stage presence that makes you feel like she is singing to you and only you. This also transfer to off stage where she makes friends with everyone that comes out to the show. The loss of Jordan Dykstra on Viola and temporarily Sean McCormick on bass have been hard to get over but I've been taking it one step at a time and with Jake Hershman (front man for "The Newspapers" ) and this guy who they tell me is named Sam have definitely stepped up to the plate and have more then filled the shoes left for them. Jakes has a great energy on stage and definitely adds some rock to Jared's roll. The CD release show was the first I have seen of Sam but I heard a lot abut him. He definitely lives up to the hype... I suppose there is room for one more Sam in the Empire, but don't get too comfortable buddy I got my eye on you. What can I say about Kevin that hasn't been said about him. As a drummer he is rad ... as a person he's awesome. nuff said.
Now that I've gushed over them the performance Saturday night was a great one and it was a lot of fun to photograph it. I only wish my damn flash didn't keep jamming. As always you can check out all the picks on our Flickr account. Check them out and pick up Jared Mess and the Grown Children's latest at our website or at our store in Nw Portland.
P.s. The Dirty Mittens played that night and I'm officially a fan!

Friday, October 3, 2008

TLE loves Santiago

Hi kids,
Do you have the "Friends and Friends of Friends" TLE Comp? Do you have the corresponding Hoodie or the Tender Loving Emperor Shirt? Have you seen all the kick ass posters TLE puts around Town...Or OUr New Website! Well If you answered "Yes, Yes! Oh God Yes!" to any of these questions then there is a good chance that you've seen the work of TLE's Favorite designer Santiago Uceda. As a fellow TLE designer I gotta say Santigo has definitely taken a lion share of the work with good reason. His solid designs coupled with his unique understanding of color and composition has helped solidify the visual structure of Tender Loving Empire.... (Plus I think Jared has a man crush on him,but you didn't hear that from me). Now we are happy to say that Santiago is officially a TLE showing artist with his new show titled " Invasive Species" now on display through November 15th. As gallery curator I got to see the show before anyone else and hanging it gave me the inside edge to purchase some pieces for myself before anyone else snatched them away from me. I think its fair considering some jack off stole my last batch of Uceda work right off my walls during my birthday party this last August. Listen you son of a Bitch... if you're reading this blog I'm looking for you and hells coming with me! Okay I need to take a moment ... Okay much better.
Anyway the work is rad and what's really exciting is that we got to display his new shoe with RYZ wear. Unfortunately for me they only make the shoe up to a size 12! Can't a big brother get any love? You can see all the fun we had during the shows opening and the work on our Flickr account.
Keep an Eye out kids A.P.E will be here before you know it and I'm so excited I just peed my pants a little.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Oh Oh..there he...This gonna be Big!

Hey Everyone! Sorry its been so long since I've written you but I've been so busy that I haven't had the chance to sit down and write. But hey you still love me right? I love you.
So let me catch everyone up....
Tender Loving Empire had a kick ass showcase at Slabtown for Music Fest NW! I have to say in my opinion every band on the TLE label brought the A Game and lifted their Goblets to the gods of rock...and the gods were pleased. Line up included Nick Caceres, Super XX Man, Finn Riggins, Jared Mees & The Grown Children and Boy Eats Drum Machine . Finn Riggins we miss you already when are you coming back! You can check out all 400(+) images at our flickr site ..... its almost as awesome as being there.

Next I just had a shirt released on the TLE label, now titled "Urban Deity" check it out at the website and buy one, please:)

Finally Frisco better lockup their daughters and stock up on PBR because Bro Mountain is hitting the road! While TLE owners Jared and Brianne Mees are on Tour this October the keys and reputation have been put in our hands ( insert super villain laugh here). My Bro Mountain Cohort Dave Nuss and I will be jumping in the Mees Mobile and heading to APE this year and we tend to bring the party with us! So if you happen to be in Frisco stop by the TLE booth to get all the usual awesome swag TLE is known for slinging and maybe we can get matching ass tattoos later. It's gonna be tight ya'll!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Dash! music video

I know not many people look at this blog but if you are thanks for stopping by. I also know that I haven't been doing much writing in the last couple of months and for that I'm sorry. I do however wanted to give you an update on a project that I've had the pleasure to be apart of. Don't tell anyone I told you this but TLE is working with bands Dash!, The Righteous and Harmonious Fist, and White Fang to put out an LP soon and with it a DVD featuring all three bands. One of the features, a Dash! music video for the song"You Keep Kicking", my good buddy Dave Nuss directed. I was asked to take two weeks and a small budget to produce the gore affects for the video. I know what your thinking ... "WTF! Gore affects in a Dash! video! That's Madness!" I know right? It's exactly what I said when I was approached to do the FX. But hey I trusted my pal and went for it and I got to say the video is rad! We screened it for a small test group last night to really good response and will be doing a larger debut soon. So keep your eyes posted to this Blog for more. In the meantime check out these images taken during the week of shooting.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Check out the Haberman Pics on Flickr

Rockstar the new Haberman show at TLE is awesome! Check out these pics from the opening. You can see more if you click here You can also purchase one of the works by coming into the gallery on NW 18th and Lovejoy or contact me at Hurry they may not be available forever.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Haberman is coming!

TLE is excited to announce a solo show at Tender Loving Empire this July by Chris Haberman. We've been stalking Chris for quite a while now and are so happy to be able to show his amazing work on our walls.
Haberman @ TLE

Saturday, June 7, 2008

"Small Deal" @ TLE

Hey thanks to everyone who helped make the show awesome! Special thanks to Sean,Amy, and Jennifer for helping me put he show together.. you're rad. You can check out all the images on our flickr account. Just click HERE


Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Happy Birthday Tender Loving Empire! by G*Force

It's more then a week later and I'm still trying to recoop from the wonderful madness that was TLE's first birthday bash at Berbatis Pan on Sunday Night. Owners Jared and Brianne Mees months of planning and hard work definitely payed off in what has definitely been the best TLE event to date. Oh and ladies and gentelmen we are just getting started!:) There was Cake, Prizes, artists from PNCA were drawing for tips, Gordo our giant Pinata Monster was eating people, and the musical line up included Boy Eats Drum Machine, Southern Bell, The Newspapers, and TLE bands Jared Mees and the grown children, Nadine Mooney, Finn Riggins, and recent addition to the family Super XX Man. Finn Riggins and Jared Mees & the Grown Children always put on a great show but the highlight for me was Boy Eats Drum Machine. Lead Jon Ragel was all alone but held it down with a vast array instruments including his drum machine...of course. By the end of his set I was definitely a fan. I spent the whole night taking photos and you can see all 350 on our Flickr account click the post title to go there. Peace ya'll.
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Friday, May 2, 2008

TLE Screen Printing @ Gresham Special Olympics by G-Force

Tender Loving Empire's screen printing devision did some t-shirst for the school I work at in Gresham. He have a great special needs program and for the last 20 years have hosted the special olympics for the Gresham school district. The kids loved having brand new shirts because it's been years since the school has had something made especially for this day. I designed and Jared printed the shirts for the May 2nd event. I think all of us at TLE were happy to be at least a small part of such a great event.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

TLE @ Stumptown 08 by G-Force

Call me biased but TLE hit Stumptown with a double dose of cool this weekend... and if being a former roommate of owners Jared and Bri Mees, curating TLE's art collection, or having a G-Force designed T coming out sometime this summer under the TLE banner makes me biased  then yeah I guess I'm biased  . You don't have to take my word on how cool the record label turned media collective in NW Portland is just ask all the old and new fans we met at Stumptown this weekend. We were even getting shout outs from none other than Top Shelf publishing! Stumptown has been described as everything that Comic Con used to be. Comic book artist and publishers from all over the nation descended upon Portland for 2 days of comic madness. There are lectures by some of the top dudes in the industry as well as portfolio reviews and the opportunity to pitch your creations to many of the big and little publishers in the business. Needless to say after two days I am on total visual overload,but it was really cool. One cool thing was to meet  under ground comic icon Craig Thompson and the awesome Tara McPherson. Someone should have warned McPherson though that in Portland when you are put into a room next to a DIY star you are going to have a lot of time on your hands no matter how much publicity you've had in Juxtapoz. The mainstream artist will always loose out.... Portland loves their underground stars. Poor girls line was put to shame by the ridiculous line to meet and greet the author of "Blankets". That however gave me the opportunity to go over and talk it up with the gorgeous printer made famous for the rad posters she has done for some of the music industries biggest names not to mention the simultaneously innocent and creepy paintings that has been collected into a book put out by DH Press. I bought one of the books and got it signed by Tara herself. Pretty rad no matter what Mr.O has to say about it. All the feed back from fans was really uplifting and we weren't alone either. Friends like Brian Oaster , the guys at Pony Club, and the always rad collective Robopocalypse were all partying it up with the Empire. Till next time kido's 

Monday, April 14, 2008

This Just in from the Fist-By G-Force

Why the hell am I always last to see amazing shit like this! Good buddies "The Righteous and Harmonies Fists" shot a music video that was directed by the best beard in Portland David Nuss. All I can say is enjoy! Click Here to see!

"Old Mees Power" by G-force

So I'm going to pretend that people actually read this blog and live by the "If you blog it they will come" way of thinking. This was quite the musical weekend for me. I had the pleasure of seeing Old Money, Jared Mees and the Grown Children, and Cat Power all in the span of a single weekend!
Let me start by admitting that I am not a music crtic nor do I claim to be one. I just like music so if your going to be all pissy about my comparisons or how I describe a performance too bad, but hey thanks for stopping by.
Friday night I went to the Old Money ( ) show at Ash St.( )and as always the lovely ladies keep getting better and better. However they were not the Fem Five that they usually are. Sans Chipper the girls called in the Bass stylings of Jared Mees to pitch hit while she was out of town. They delivered a great performance with a sound reminiscent the likes of Rilo Kiley or Cowboy Junkies yet still maintaining an identinty that is purely their own. Oh yeah and they are always the best dressed band in Portland. ( apart from Sexy Pants)
Saturday night Jared Mees and the Grown Childrens semi-acoustic set at the Funky Church ( was a welcome breath of fresh air after I had my mind violated by "Cannibal Holocaust" at the Hollywood theater. Jareds cleverly woven lyrics and hard to ignore staged presence is wonderfully complimented by the soulful sound of Meghan Spears and her magic tambourine. Not to mention Jordan Dykstra's skillful viola contribution rounds out this heavy hitting trios rock injected blue grass sound. I wasn't too sure about Jordan's move from behind the kit to the viola but mark my words Portland we haven't begun to witness the shear genius acts this kid has yet to commit.Check them out at .
Lastly, I have a crush on Chan Marshal! Who wouldn't her voice is hypnotizing and as the songbird of Cat Power she makes everyone stand in awe and utter to the rafters "Chan be thy name!". All except the dipshit that sat behind me. The dude kept yelling out nonsense and awkwardly dancing with the girl he was with. A part of me wanted to pop him in the face but I couldn't look away from the stage. The band was amazing each musician playing their perspective instruments flawlessly. The show ended with the longest outro I've ever heard. After which an equally impressive encore intro followed by four additional songs! I wasn't complaining but you could tell the band was visibly tired by the end of it. In the end it was a really good show and I would definitely like to see Chan Marshal again.  Some people just have the ability to hypnotize you and this girl definitely has it.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

TLE Anniversary T-Shirts

>> In anticipation of Tender Loving Empires 1 year Anniversary we are
>> currently looking for submissions for a TLE celebration T-shirt series.
>> We want to choose 3 shirts to go into print as a part of this years t-shirt release. The
>> premise is this: We are looking for design interpretations of each of
>> the three words that make up the company name : "Tender", "Loving", &
>> "Empire". We would like each artist to take these words and create a
>> design interpretation for each word that fits its definition as it
>> relates to the TLE company.
>> It is our hope that participating artist will submit a design for at
>> least two of the words providing a variety of choices to be up for
>> consideration. There are no limits to the number of designs that can be
>> submitted. The more submitted the higher the probability of an artist
>> design being chosen. Designs should include an interpretation of the TLE
>> logo and is limited to a one color design. All submissions should reach
>> the Tender Loving Empire store or be submitted to Sam via e-mail at
>> The first T-shirt we will be releasing is "Tender" which is scheduled to be unveiled at the Tender Loving Empire 1 year anniversary party at Berbattis in May. Submissions for this first T-shirt needs to be in by April 25th,2008. The remaining "Loving" and "Empire" will be released at different dates in 2008 & 2009. Any questions regarding the rules, dimensions, compensation, or ect. direct them to Jared, Brianne or myself. Happy designing and here is to celebrating one year as an Empire!


Friday, February 29, 2008

Nadine Mooney Pics on Flickr!

Check out picks from the Nadine Mooney Cd Release show at the Funky Church now on our Flickr account. 
You can purchase Nadine Mooney's "Mouse House, Worm Hole" at or at our store on NW 18th and Lovejoy in Portland Oregon.