Saturday, March 22, 2008

TLE Anniversary T-Shirts

>> In anticipation of Tender Loving Empires 1 year Anniversary we are
>> currently looking for submissions for a TLE celebration T-shirt series.
>> We want to choose 3 shirts to go into print as a part of this years t-shirt release. The
>> premise is this: We are looking for design interpretations of each of
>> the three words that make up the company name : "Tender", "Loving", &
>> "Empire". We would like each artist to take these words and create a
>> design interpretation for each word that fits its definition as it
>> relates to the TLE company.
>> It is our hope that participating artist will submit a design for at
>> least two of the words providing a variety of choices to be up for
>> consideration. There are no limits to the number of designs that can be
>> submitted. The more submitted the higher the probability of an artist
>> design being chosen. Designs should include an interpretation of the TLE
>> logo and is limited to a one color design. All submissions should reach
>> the Tender Loving Empire store or be submitted to Sam via e-mail at
>> The first T-shirt we will be releasing is "Tender" which is scheduled to be unveiled at the Tender Loving Empire 1 year anniversary party at Berbattis in May. Submissions for this first T-shirt needs to be in by April 25th,2008. The remaining "Loving" and "Empire" will be released at different dates in 2008 & 2009. Any questions regarding the rules, dimensions, compensation, or ect. direct them to Jared, Brianne or myself. Happy designing and here is to celebrating one year as an Empire!


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