Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Happy Birthday Tender Loving Empire! by G*Force

It's more then a week later and I'm still trying to recoop from the wonderful madness that was TLE's first birthday bash at Berbatis Pan on Sunday Night. Owners Jared and Brianne Mees months of planning and hard work definitely payed off in what has definitely been the best TLE event to date. Oh and ladies and gentelmen we are just getting started!:) There was Cake, Prizes, artists from PNCA were drawing for tips, Gordo our giant Pinata Monster was eating people, and the musical line up included Boy Eats Drum Machine, Southern Bell, The Newspapers, and TLE bands Jared Mees and the grown children, Nadine Mooney, Finn Riggins, and recent addition to the family Super XX Man. Finn Riggins and Jared Mees & the Grown Children always put on a great show but the highlight for me was Boy Eats Drum Machine. Lead Jon Ragel was all alone but held it down with a vast array instruments including his drum machine...of course. By the end of his set I was definitely a fan. I spent the whole night taking photos and you can see all 350 on our Flickr account click the post title to go there. Peace ya'll.
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