Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Church Album! 1st Thurs! Finn Riggins + Built to Spill!

Hi Everybody! This is my first official blog entry! Sam has been doing a great job with this blog (there's lots of fun trips down memory lane on here), but the tides have changed folks, and it looks like I'm stepping in to take over for our busy friend who helps us DO EVERYTHING! (THANKS SAM, WE LOVE YOU!)

Anyway, I'll be posting our monthly updates, new items in the store, new tshirt designs, news from all the bands on the TLE roster, shows to show up to, etc. Check back often to find out the latest.


1. The debut full length from Portland's Church, Song Force Crystal, is officially out!

2.Other good news: Finn Riggins is going on tour with Built to Spill! Everybody's favorite Idaho bands have finally joined forces! Scroll down to find dates!
First Thursday is this week! We're showcasing the art of Santiago Uceda and Edward Juan. With musical performances by Come Gather Round us at 7:30 and Gratitillium at 9
3. First Thursday! This week! Santiago Uceda! Edward Juan! Gratitillium! Come Gather Round Us! Free!

4. Jared Mees and the Grown Children Tour Blog!

4. As always, stop by and see us if you're in Portland! Our retail store features the work of over 200 independent artists as well as all our albums, comics and tshirts. We're located on NW 18th & Lovejoy.

Read about all the above, below. :)

“The best, most unfuckwithable, avant-pop I’ve heard…my default jam of the month.”
“One of Portland’s finest indie outfits.”
-Portland Mercury

Church: Song Force Crystal
Buy it from TLE now!
Buy it from itunes starting Aug. 4th
Buy vinyl from Sohitek now!

About Church
Despite their un-Google-able name, Portland, Oregon's Church have managed to amass a sizable following along the West Coast over the last 3 years with their intense tour ethic and consistent presence in the Portland house show scene. Brothers Brandon and Richard laws grew up listening to Kraftwerk and The Beach Boys. These disprate influences are at the core of the duo's haunting vocal harmonies, rich verbal imagery and unpredictable guitar. Add to this combination Christof Hendrickson's Rhodes, Moog and Omnikorg and Lane Barrington's tasteful, dynamic percussion and the result is simply Church. The band's influences are as dieverse as their instrumentation and they are as comfortable mixing Bollywood samples with tin-foil piano as they are in hushed a capella harmonies or full tilt power shred mode.

About Song Force Crystal
Church utilizes this unique analog instrumentation to unite factions of noise rock with psychedelic folk and experimental pop. Song Force Crystal, the debut long play from Church, is a honing of musical themes heralded in two prior EP's. Picking up where previous titles Gold and With All Our Love for Francisco the Man left off, Song Force Crystal was recorded in a living room to an 8-track tape machine. The album reverberates with a warmth and rawness more familiar to 70's era basement productions than to modern day digitalia. The songs revel in dense slabs of tabe saturation, perfect for showcasing cavernous four-part harmonies, or trebly tube amplifiers. Song Force Crystal is a contradiction fo sounds, at once expansive, and cohesive, experimental yet familiar, brooding one moment and soothing the next.

Limited First Edition Hand-Silkscreened CD in Tree Frog Green, White and Black
Art by Richard Laws Awesome colored vinyl available from Sohitek.com

Come hang out at Tender Loving Empire for First Thursday!

We'll be featuring the work of TLE celebs, Santiago Uceda and Edward Juan. Definitely make a point of stopping by sometime this month to check it out. I have a good feeling about this one.

Also, enjoy FREE outdoor performances by Gratitillium and Come Gather Round Us at 7:30pm and 9pm.

Finn Riggins Announces Tour Dates with Built to Spill!

The past few months have been a busy affair for Finn Riggins. They've been writing, recording, and finalizing their new album (Vs. Wilderness, out 10-13 on TLE), adjusting to a recent move to Boise, booking a Fall Tour, and, of course, playing a ton of shows, like they know how.

But the latest Finn Riggins news that we're super excited about is a mini-tour with Built to Spill! There are currently 6 confirmed northwest dates in November and 2 more in other, uh towns (wink, wink, nudge, nudge) we can't announce yet.

Nov 15 Eugene, OR.@ Wow Hall 8pm

Nov 17 Bellingham, WA @ The Nightlight 9pm

Nov 18 Vancouver, BC @ Commodore Ballroom 8pm

Nov 19 & Nov 20 Seattle, WA @ The Showbox 8pm

Nov 21 Spokane, WA @ Knitting Factory 8pm

If you don't live in the NW, or can't make those shows, don't fret. Finn Riggins is planning a massive tour schedule that will most likely include a trip to your town sometime soon.

Keep up with all of Finn Riggins's Fall Tour Dates

Read more about Finn Riggins Here

Buy A Soldier, A Saint, An Ocean Explorer
Or buy it digitally from CDBaby

"Truly amazing, like a locomotve storming into a barn... in years to come this could be the band you wish you were on the front wave of." -- Zaph Mann / OPB

Jared Mees and the Grown Children Tour Blog

The Grown Children are freshly home from a summer time west coast tour! Hopefully you were able to catch a show! If not (or if you just want all the juicy behind the scenes details), you can read all about it at Local Cut!

Live bravely and be good to each other!


The T.L.E. Family


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